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Slow Ramble

Slow Ramble and Faster Than My Mind may sound like an antonym but in fact there are strong similarities. As I discovered through a chance meeting with Tomasz Sowiński (Tomek) whilst riding through Poland.

I came across a group of bikers who were travelling on Russian DNEPR military sidecar combinations. I was curious to find out more and I soon discovered that the bikes are owned by Tomek who recently started the business he calls "Slow Ramble".

On this particular trip three bike enthusiasts looking for a bike adventure with a difference had booked a tour with overnight stops in surrounding towns. There are many interesting historic sites and mysteries to discover in the south of Poland and bordering Czech Republic. So the opportunity to hire one of these rare bike outfits and spend time with other people who are connected by a shared passion for old-timer motorcycles, is something a bit out of the ordinary and well worth trying.

“Loud engines allow us to forget about everything that affected us before we sat on the bike saddle. And this is the coolest adventure and mystery. It would be cool to share our passion with more people and show them how great this kind of leisurely ride can be."

I asked one of Tomek's clients if he had found it easy to get used to riding with a side car and he assured me it was pretty straightforward, good fun and an interesting adventure.

"We ride slowly and the idea of this rambles is that every turn has to bring something unforeseen.”

I thoroughly recommend giving it a try as there is so much to explore in this part of Europe and what better way than by hiring one of these cool bikes?

Technical Specifications:

  • Bikes are DNEPR models: one MT9 (one wheel drive, OHV), three MT16 (2WD, OHV)

  • Support vehicles UAZ 469 (7 seats car AWD). They also have UAZ 452, STAR 200 and STAR 660 all in military outfit

Sources: [website will be online soon]

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