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"Faster Than My Mind" trip is over

[Dennis Le Prevost and Asatuurs Keim, Andrejs Plavins Photography]

It was an experience of our lives. 90 amazing days on the road are over.

Miles of sun, rain, fog and even snow made our trip unforgettable. Being a stranger on a motorcycle wherever you go and living in the moment was something indescribable.

News, politics even The Olympic games didn't bother us. Just two riders, motorcycles and the road ahead.

All the people we met proved to be genuine and supportive and all the struggles we had didn't seem that important.

It took us 10 days of real preparation, but sometimes it takes a lifetime. We hope our trip will inspire to be spontaneous. Explore and learn with an open mind. Because who knows what our real purpose is.

Sincerely Yours Faster Than My Mind Asatuurs and Dennis

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