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"Faster Than My Mind" BBC Interview

“To find myself I have to forget who I am, I have to go faster than my mind.”

-Filmmaker, Asatuurs Keim

Faster Than My Mind is a new, exciting documentary that follows filmmaker Asatuurs Keim and explorer Dennis Le Prevost setting out on a journey in search of freedom and self discovery. The documentary follows the stepdad and stepson duo across 30 European countries in 90 days producing a montage of beautiful scenery across europe.

[ Asatuurs Keim in Portugal ]

The idea:

Asatuurs had been thinking for a couple of years 'I was actually thinking about my life, and about myself and actually what I do. I was thinking you know, what do I need and I couldn't find the answer. "One Christmas the documentary idea sprung to mind after Dennis and Asatuurs created a short protrait film of Dennis and his motorbike. That was the moment I decided that this is what we had to do. I just have to leave everything and finally have time for myself. I kind of spoke to Dennis about it and that was the beginning I guess.''

The journey began with very little planning "I mean we were very unconventional about the way we went about this trip. Apart from coming up with a list of countries we'd like to get to, we left it pretty much to the day before. This played well with the idea of being free. That's I guess what people dream of isnt it? When you think about a motorcycle trip or something, we are always tied to something and this was the moment when its like ok so now we are just going."

The Bikes:

The journey itself is breathtaking and so were the bikes that got them there. They chose to ride two exquisite motorcycles. Asatuurs rides a special edition Triumph Bonneville Newchurch while Dennis rides a limited edition Triumph Rocket-X. The motorcycles brought much attention on the journey helping with places to stay and meeting interesting people wherever they went. "The Triumph brand and the bikes themselves really kind of gave the character that we were looking for."

[ Dennis Le Prevost in Portugal ]

“Being a stranger on a motorcycle wherever you go and living in the moment was something indescribable.”

What they want to achieve by sharing it with others:

The documentary will appeal to audiences who need that inspirational push to get out there and live their own journey of internal discovery. Asatuurs and Dennis have also been on a bonding journey during the filming of the documentary. "I was happy that I had the chance to get to know Dennis so much better through this experience. Because this experience was very personal to me."

[ Asatuurs Keim and Dennis Le Prevost in France ]

Asatuurs and Dennis hit the road feeling the need to inspire everyday people to follow their dreams, highlight the importance of letting go and experiencing an internal journey of self-discovery. It was important to them to capture this journey, inspiring others to do the same, let go and be free of societies limitations. Dennis describs briefly the reality that "the problem is I think that all too easily we can put things off until one day we just never get round to doing it. So you dont want to live with regrets. I think thats the main thing."

“We hope our trip will inspire people to be spontaneous. Explore and learn with an open mind. Because who knows what our real purpose is.”

Faster Than My Mind is currently in the post production stage and will be avaliable to audiences towards the end of 2017.

[ Faster Than My Mind in Portugal ]

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