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Beachy Head Rocket X Ride

As I was staying in Brighton for a week I thought it would be a good idea to arrange an impromptu meeting with one or two other Triumph Rocket X owners who live nearby. I posted an invite on our Rocket X Owners Facebook page and Ian (Rocket X #281), who lives near Eastbourne, quickly responded to say he was up for it. Chris (#297) joined the party and a convenient location, date and time was agreed. Soon after we heard that Roy (#147) and Jonathan (#001) would also be heading to Beachy Head for the meet up.

The "X Men" were joined by Asatuurs on the Bonneville Newchurch and Jesse on his Kawasaki 600.

After coffee in the pub we headed down to Birling Gap for a quick photo shoot before heading off to the picturesque village of Alfriston. We enjoyed the ride through the country led by Ian and ending up in Lewes.

It had been a great day out and a good opportunity to meet other Rocket X owners in person, after chatting on-line for the past two years. With plenty of photos posted on social media and this short video shot during the ride, it will be quite a memorable day for everyone involved.

I hope we can all meet up again soon and with a bit more notice maybe a we will get a few more “X Men” (or women) to join us next time.


Only 500 Limited Edition Rocket X were offered for sale in 2015 to mark the 10th anniversary of the Triumph Rocket III.

With its 2,294cc three cylinder engine sitting inline with the chassis, the Rocket X is home to the world’s largest production motorcycle engine. Delivering a 221Nm sledgehammer of torque at just 2750rpm, the Rocket X delivers extraordinary acceleration in any gear at any revs. The very limited edition Rocket X has a stunning, premium custom paint scheme created by leading custom paint specialists 8 Ball.

Key Features

Limited Edition Rocket III to celebrate 10 years as the World’s largest-capacity mass production motorcycle

Limited to 500 units with individually numbered side panels and billeted aluminium name badge

Finished in a Premium high-gloss custom paint scheme with ‘grind’ effect stripes courtesy of paint specialists, 8-Ball

Blackened components including exhaust, handlebars, and mirrors for the customised look

Black wheels with hand painted silver pinstripe


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